BMW servicing is important for the care of your vehicle. As part of routine maintenance checks and services, BMWs need to get serviced regularly to ensure that you get the best performance and lifespan out of your BMW. The work you put in your car now will pay off later.

BMW servicing is also important because it ensures that your vehicle is safe to drive. Servicing ensures that your vehicle is operating at an optimal level. BMW servicing usually includes an oil change, checking all fluids, and inspecting things like tires and brakes.

Too many owners procrastinate on getting their BMWs serviced until the damage is already done. Ensuring that you get your vehicle serviced at the scheduled times will prevent things such as engine failure or other major repairs that are expensive.

Servicing for Your BMW’s Needs

To increase your vehicle’s lifespan and to ensure the safety of you and your passengers, it is essential to get your BMW serviced according to the BMW factory scheduled maintenance schedule.

Conducting an oil change is part of the services performed on your BMW. An oil change will ensure that your engine is getting the appropriate amount of lubrication, and it helps prevent overheating.

Over time, your BMW may start leaking fluids. By getting your vehicle inspected regularly during routine maintenance, you could ensure that these leaks will get repaired quickly. The systems such as your cooling system stay operational, preventing things such as overheating.

Even if you regularly inspect your BMW yourself, it is possible to miss a few things, which is why it is essential to get your vehicle checked out by a certified professional.

When to Get Your BMW Serviced

Different servicing needs to be done on your vehicle to ensure that it runs at top performance. These types are basic and major, factory-scheduled maintenance. What service you need will be based on two things:

  • When was the last time your BMW was serviced?
  • How many miles are on your BMW?

Based on the criteria above, the services will vary. Basic service can have a significant impact on the lifespan of your BMW. Let us take a look at some of the timelines you will need to keep track of to maintain your BMW properly.

  • Every 10,000 Miles: After driving your BMW for 10,000 miles, you will need to get a basic factory scheduled maintenance completed. The services provided include an oil change, fluid top-off, windshield wiper replacement, and safety inspections.
  • Every 30,000 Miles: Provides the same service as the 10,000 service, but it includes additional things such as brake/rotor inspections, control arm inspection, reapplies grease to grease points, and a complete digital diagnostic system
  • Every 60,000 Miles: The 60,000-mile check is similar to the 30,000 service, which also includes inspecting for rust as well as examining the boots under your car for leaks and other safety checks such as a parking brake lining

Do not procrastinate when it comes to servicing your BMW. When you need your BMW serviced, it is essential that you get it done by an experienced mechanic specializing in the care of BMWs.

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* BMW Car image credit goes to: vesilvio.

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