One of the most common problems that may happen with your BMW is an oil leak. It is likely that your model will develop a problem within the oil circulating system at some point. Since engine oil is important to keep the engine healthy and to prevent harsh friction that causes multiple avenues of damage, it is critical that any leaks are repaired as quickly as possible.

For the most part, an oil leak in your BMW is caused by natural degradation of parts or an issue such as road debris damage. If you neglect recommended regular maintenance, the problem can get really bad. Some of the most common problems of oil leaks include the below causes in the article below.

Drain Plug That Fails

The drain plug is found on the bottom of the BMW with the oil pan. The oil will be drained from this spot during a routine oil change. If oil starts to leak while sitting in the driveway or when you travel on the road, you may need to replace the plug. The drain plug can corrode and get damaged over time, but it is pretty simple to replace. Ask your mechanic to check this plug the next time you do your routine maintenance.

Forgetting Oil Changes

All vehicles need oil changes at certain intervals to make sure the oil has the proper viscosity, is clean, and can do its job. Contaminated oil can break down a variety of parts and can make it hard for them to seal. It is a good idea to stick with your oil changes to ensure the oil will stay right where it should.

A Valve Cover Gasket Leak

The valve cover is an essential part that keeps the oil in place and prevents it from leaking out of the top of the engine. The oil is held against the engine through a gasket so the oil is sealed inside. If the gasket does start to have issues, such as cracking due to age, it is possible the oil will leak. It is important to get this gasket replaced and checked during any routine maintenance appointment with our staff.

Wear and Tear

Oil leaks are not that uncommon in most vehicles. General wear and tear can occur after driving for many miles on the road and this may be enough to make the oil leak out of the car and even onto the motor. Most of the time it is a simple thing that your mechanic is able to repair and fix for you.

When you start to notice there is a leak of any kind, you need to schedule an appointment with your mechanic right away. Failure to do so may cause damage to the engine and cause your BMW to run out of oil completely. Be sure to follow the scheduled maintenance calendar for your BMW to make sure that everything is checked and repaired on time.

How to Fix an Oil Leak

You should visit our certified mechanics at Bavarium Autoworks when you have an oil leak with your BMW. These oil leaks may not seem like a big deal, and they may BMW Routine Oil Change be caused by a small part breaking or not working, but when left without repair, these leaks can end up causing more damage to the whole BMW.

The engine relies on this oil to stay cool and prevent friction while driving. As the oil slowly leaks out of the vehicle, it can burn on the engine and cause smoking and over time. The engine can overheat and stop working completely. A qualified mechanic can look for oil leaks and provide the right maintenance to make sure it gets fixed as soon as possible.

Leaking oil from your BMW is never a good thing. When it happens to your BMW in Mountain View, you need a qualified mechanic to help get the problem fixed. At Bavarium Autoworks, our mechanics are here to help with all of your BMW repair needs. We are proud to serve the residents of Cupertino, Palo Alto, San Jose, Santa Clara, Saratoga, and Mountain View, CA. Call us today to get your appointment scheduled.

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