Engine oil is the most common fluid in any automobile, including Volkswagen cars, and that is for a reason. This fluid acts as a lubricant for the engine’s moving parts, reduces friction, and helps to dissipate heat so that your engine can run smoothly. However, if you find mysterious puddles of oil under your Volkswagen, it becomes a reason to worry.

Oil leaks from the engine are one of the most common problems encountered by many VW owners, but don’t panic! Let’s find out the main reasons for engine oil leaks and propose the most efficient ways to resolve the problem.

What Causes Engine Oil Leaks In Volkswagens

  • Worn Seals: The seals in your Volkswagen’s engine are subject to heat, pressure, and general wear and tear, which eventually lead to their deterioration. These materials may start to crack or become brittle and this will facilitate the escape of engine oil from the system.
  • Loose or Damaged Oil Pans: The oil pan, located at the bottom of the engine, serves as a reservoir for the engine oil. If the oil pan is loose because of improper installation or is damaged from road impacts, it will develop cracks or holes. These openings breach the oil pan’s integrity, causing oil to drip on the ground below your VW.
  • Cracked Engine Components: Although the materials for engine components such as the cylinder head and the engine block are built to be durable, they can develop cracks over time since they’re exposed to extreme operating conditions and mechanical stress. These fissures can serve as channels for the oil to leak out from the engine. In addition, corrosion or damage from outside factors can aggravate the problem, resulting in larger oil leaks.
  • Faulty Valve Cover Gaskets: The valve cover gaskets are sandwiched between the valve cover and cylinder head, and they create a tight seal so that oil won’t leak out. However, if these gaskets become faulty, they will not seal properly and this can result in oil leaking and accumulating outside the engine. Leaked oil may appear as black, greasy streaks along the edge of the valve cover.

How To Resolve Oil Leak Problems

  • Identify the Source: The first thing you should do when you notice oil leaking from your engine is to find its source. Open the hood of your VW and look for any wet spots or puddles of oil. After you have found the area of the leak, you can now proceed to the next step which is fixing it.
  • Replace Worn Gaskets and Seals: If the oil leak is caused by a worn gasket or seal, they should be replaced. Most of the time, the process entails taking off old gaskets and seals to replace them with new ones. Make sure you always use top-quality replacements in order to create a long-lasting seal.
  • Replace Oil Pan: If the oil pan is loose, you may only have to tighten it to stop the leak. But, if the problem is severe, the oil pan may need to be replaced.
  • Repair Cracked Engine Components: The next step is to inspect the oil leakage thoroughly. If you find cracks or damage to the oil system, you will need to repair or replace the damaged parts. The repair could be carried out by either welding the cracks or by replacing the damaged parts.
  • Seek Professional Help: When you are not able to deal with an oil leak, or the oil continues to leak despite your efforts, it is advisable that you seek the help of a professional with the relevant knowledge and skills. An experienced mechanic will be able to advise on the most appropriate repair solution to fix the leak.

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