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To schedule an appointment with your friendly neighborhood experts at Bavarium Autoworks, give us a call at 650-962-9401 or fill out the form below with your information and requested services. One of our team members will get back to you as soon as possible to confirm your appointment.

    Our inside waiting area is locked! Please read below for instructions:

    COVID-19 Touchless Drop-off Procedure:

    1. Bring Vehicle to the west side entrance or back parking lot.
    2. At the west side entrance door, there are envelopes on the glass door. Take one and fill out your information with a valid e-mail address, phone number, name, and why you're dropping your vehicle off.
    3. Lock your vehicle and place the key in the envelope.
    4. Put the envelope through the glass door key-drop slot.
    5. Call us at 650-962-9401 and let us know you’ve dropped off! There is a bench at the west entrance and a bench in the back underneath the large tree if you’re waiting. Otherwise, we will call you when we have more information regarding your services.


    Please note that the date and time you requested may not be available. We will contact you to confirm your actual appointment details.


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