Oil Leak Repairs

European Auto Oil Leak Repairs in Mountain View

Anytime your car is leaking is a sign of trouble. When it’s an oil leak, the issues that can occur are even more serious and can be even more severe. It’s important that you have your car serviced annually so any leaks can be detected early before issues impact your car’s performance. If a leak should start suddenly, it’s important that you act quickly. For drivers throughout the Mountain View area, the mechanics at Bavarium Autoworks provide fast, effective oil leak repairs for the area’s most popular European cars.

Brands We Service

At Bavarium Autoworks, our ASE certified mechanics provide dealer-quality oil leak repairs for the area’s most popular European brands:

With over 28 years of experience, we’ve seen just about every cause for an oil leak and we’re confident that we’ll get the issue diagnosed and repaired right the first time. This means no expensive repeat visits or extended wait times for your car to be ready.

Common Causes of Oil Leaks

As you drive, various systems in your car will suffer wear and tear. Annual maintenance is key because it allows our expert mechanics to check all the areas where oil & other fluid leaks can occur, including common oil leak causes like:

  • Seals
  • Pan Leaks
  • Degraded Engine Gaskets
  • Bad Connections
  • Drain Plug
  • Timing Cover Seal
  • Valve Cover Gasket

Our ASE certified mechanics will ensure your entire car is free of leaks and that any areas that are showing signs of wear, are either repaired or noted and repaired at your earliest convenience.

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Located in Mountain View, Bavarium Autoworks is also proud to help drivers all throughout surrounding areas including:

If you’re noticing any leaks with your car or would like to schedule routine maintenance, please call or visit our shop today.


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