Has your Volvo been showing any signs of unusual vibrations or movement of the engine lately? If so, you might be dealing with a failing motor mount. Motor mounts are little but significant components of the car. They are metal and rubber assemblies that secure the engine to the car’s chassis and also act as shock absorbers to ensure that your engine is not bumpy. The rubber material is used to dampen the vibrations and shocks coming from the engine part while the metal is used for strength and support.

When they do not work, it results in bumpy rides and even damage to other parts of your vehicle. Here is what you ought to know concerning Volvo motor mount failure.

How To Spot A Failing Motor Mount

One of the ways you can know the motor mount in your Volvo is failing is when you start feeling excessive vibration or movement of the engine under the hood. Your engine is supposed to sit still as you drive, so any front or back movement when you accelerate or brake is a sign of a worn motor mount. You should also look out for noises made by the engine. Finally, make sure the engine is seated in a balanced way. If it is on a slant or seated at an angle, then the mount may have failed.

Steps to Address Motor Mount Failure

  • Diagnose the Problem: The first step that should be taken is to identify the problem correctly. If for example, you feel some vibrations in the car, hear some strange sounds, or feel the movement of the engine, you should take your Volvo to a mechanic who has a good understanding of Volvos. An experienced mechanic can diagnose to see whether or not the motor mounts are indeed an issue. They also have the experience and equipment to look for problems that you may not see and they are in a better position to advise you on the right way to fix the issue.
  • Replace the Motor Mounts: If the mechanic agrees that the motor mounts are about to go bad, then you have to find a way to have them changed. When you want to replace the mount in your Volvo, you have to raise the engine slightly to take out the old mount and replace it with the new one. It is a delicate process that needs to be done carefully so that all the parts can fit and lock in place properly. If done without the right skills and tools, chances are that you will end up installing things wrongly and causing other problems.
  • Use Quality Parts: When replacing the motor mounts, it is recommended to use the best quality parts since they determine the performance of the car. Volvo parts or components from reputable manufacturers should be used in the repair work. These parts are normally manufactured to fit the needs of the vehicle to enhance performance and reliability. Using low-quality parts will mean that they will wear out very soon and another replacement will be required much earlier.
  • Prevent Future Problems: After the motor mounts have been changed, one should avoid the recurrence of the problem. This is why it is always advisable to consult the services of a professional Volvo mechanic to have your car checked often. They can check the condition of the motor mounts and the other very important parts. Ensure that there is no trace of oil leakage on your engine. Motor mounts can be damaged by leakage because the rubber used in the motor mount deteriorates more often when exposed to different substances.

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