Check Engine Light Maintenance

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As a driver, nothing is more frustrating than seeing the check engine light on your dashboard. In European cars, the check engine light can mean dozens of potential issues ranging from quick-fixes to extensive (and expensive) repairs. The key to minimizing any long-term issues is by acting quick and having your car checked as soon as the check engine light comes on. The longer you wait, the more potential damages can be done to your car. At Bavarium Autoworks, we help European auto owners all throughout the Mountain View area with fast, accurate check engine light diagnostics and high-quality repairs as needed.

Maintaining the Best Brands

At Bavarium Autoworks, our shop uses the latest factory-grade diagnostics and equipment to check the area’s most popular European brands:

This allows our ASE certified mechanics to provide quick, thorough diagnoses of your car’s check engine light to determine the issue. From there, we use the same tools & equipment as the dealerships to make sure that any needed repairs are done right the first time. The result is high-quality service that is more affordable and doesn’t have the extended wait times associated with the dealerships.

Common Check Engine Light Causes Include

Your air conditioning is made up of smaller components that all work together to provide you with cool, comfortable air in your car. When one part starts to wear or is damaged, it impacts the performance of the entire system. When you visit our shop, we use the latest factory-grade tools & equipment available to perform comprehensive inspections and repairs for your car’s entire A/C system including:

  • Broken or Loose Gas Cap
  • Failing O2 Sensor
  • Damaged Catalytic Converter
  • Old or Worn Spark Plugs
  • Bad Mass Airflow Sensor (aka MAF Sensor)

These are just some of the most common issues that can lead to the check engine light turning on. With dozens of potential causes and problems, the best thing to do is to schedule an appointment with our shop as soon as the light comes on. Once we’ve diagnosed the issue and discussed options with you, we’ll handle all repairs with the same care as if it were our own car we were working on. There’s no reason to put off service any longer, we’ve always got you covered!

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For over 28 years Bavarium Autoworks has helped European auto drivers throughout Mountain View and surrounding areas including:

If your check engine light is on, let our mechanics get your car the high-quality service it needs.
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