Although compact, Mini models are all about class, maneuverability, and economy. However, your Mini may develop issues over time, especially when maintenance is not taken seriously. One of such issues could be that your Mini wobbles when you press the brakes to stop the car. This is usually as a result of problems with different components of the car.

The Common Reasons of Wobbling

If you recognize any of the following, bring your Mini in for servicing right away:

Improper Maintenance of Rotors Brake Pads

If you fail to pay attention to routine maintenance of your Mini, dirt, oil, or other materials may accumulate on your brake pads. This may cause your car to shake when you step on the brake pads.

Also, the rotors may become thinner as time goes on and this makes them easily damaged. The rotors may also become warped and cause the brake pads to slip as a result of excess heat during braking.

Proper and regular maintenance will help avoid this problem. It is important to note that the brake pads and rotors in your Mini must be replaced according to the manufacturer’s specifications to avoid issues caused by damaged rotors or brake pads.

Dry Guide Pins

Guide pins function to direct the brake pad to the rotor. For the pins to perform this function, they must be free from dirt and well lubricated. A rusted or dry guide pin would make the brake pad push the rotor wrongly or the caliper might even get stuck. It is important for this component to be regularly checked and maintained.

Alignment Issues

If your Mini has alignment issues, you will notice that your Mini would shudder when you brake. Alignment issues mean your car is unable to drive straight when you take your hand off the steering. If you notice this, you need to visit our professional mechanics to realign your tires.

Unbalanced Tires

Issues with your tires may be another reason why your Mini wobbles when you apply the brakes. Tires that are not well inflated or that are unbalanced put more pressure on the suspension system causing it to do more work. This issue may also cause your Mini steering to shake, and you may find it difficult to control the car. To prevent this, your tires should be rotated and well-aligned according to the owner’s manual.

Bent Wheel Rims

Driving over potholes may cause the rims of your wheel to become bent. When this happens, your car begins to vibrate while you are driving and even when you step on the brakes to bring it to a stop. Avoiding potholes completely will go a long way to ensure the rims are in good condition.

Problems with the Suspension System

Suspension issues are another reason why your Mini shakes when you press the brakes. The axle of your Mini might be affected when you drive over a pothole or small rock over time, and this would cause it to shake.

Issues with Power Steering

For your Mini to turn and stop smoothly, all the components of your power system must be working perfectly well. If any part has a fault, your Mini would need more force to turn the steering, and when your turn you will notice your Mini starts to shake. Also, your car may shake whenever you stop.

Bavarium Autoworks Will Fix the Problem for You

If you notice that your Mini is shaking when you hit the brakes, it is important to seek the cause and fix the problem MINI Tire Alignment because it poses danger to you and your car. You need to visit a trusted mechanic shop to get to the root of the problem.

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* Blue Mini Cooper Car image credit goes to: Luca Piccini Basile.

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