BMW is the perfect vehicle to exude strength, power, and sophistication. It is one of the luxurious sports cars that car enthusiasts desire. The components of the BMW 6 Series are designed for optimal performance; the engine being the top feature. The oil cooler gasket is an integral part of the engine, as it is designed to keep oil from dripping out in order to lubricate the hottest parts of the engine. The BMW 6 Series models come with a unique oil coolant and should be taken care properly to sustain the vehicle’s performance.

Usual Causes of Oil Cooler Gasket Failures

Although most people don’t even think of a gasket when talking about car components, oil gaskets can fail anytime. This is caused by many things that can be caught early. Below are some of the most causes to watch:

  • Proper Lubrication: For your BMW gasket oil to work perfectly, it has to have enough oil. If the parts that pass the oil to the other components of the car don’t provide enough, there is a high probability that it will fail. The gasket cooler has to be adequately lubricated before it does the work well.
  • Cracking and Wearing Out: When your gasket oil coolant fails, your first guess might be that it has been wearing down for an extended period of time. Your gasket deserves as much attention as you give to your engine. This can be checked during routine maintenance. Whenever the gaskets become cracked, the oil can leak out into other engine components, corroding them, and also failing to lubricate the hottest parts of the engine.
  • Extreme Temperatures: Your oil cooler gasket is prone to wear down if your engine is often hot. If you live in an area where the humidity changes a lot, it can affect your oil cooler gasket. The continual expansion and decreasing of a rubber oil gasket can play a significant role in how long this component lasts, and when the temperature gets extreme, it can break down and become brittle.

Symptoms that Indicate Your Oil Cooler Gaskets May Be Failing

There are many signs that indicate your oil cooler gasket is failing or might have failed. Below are some of the most common signs:

  • Reduced Engine Performance: If your oil cooler gasket is failing, there will be a reduced performance from your engine, and your BMW’s engine will endure heat stress and acceleration problems.
  • Dark Smoke: Dark smoke is another sign that your gasket is failing. If the oil cooler gasket allows oil to leak into the combustion chambers, it forms a thick dark smoke that comes out from the exhaust pipe. This smoke is a lot more poisonous than you think, and you should see a mechanic as soon as you can to prevent harmful engine damage.
  • Vibrations: Vibration is another important indicator that your oil cooler gasket has failed. If the oil is getting into the combustion area, this will cause a disturbing explosion in the various cylinders. It will make the engine vibrate more than usual.

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