The last thing Audi drivers expect from their automobiles is for them to break down because of a valve cover oil leak. Because of the level and quality that has been put into its designs, these cars usually come at a higher price. With that price tag, Audis deliver exceptional performance and also provide comfort and safety in an attractive and stylish form that is absolutely appealing.

In this article, we’ll look at the major causes and symptoms of valve cover damages and where to go when you notice an oil leak in your Audi.

The Purpose of the Valve Cover

The valve cover is a small but vital component found beneath the hood of your car. It fulfills two critical functions. The first is to shield the cylinder heads from factors that might harm or damage them. The second is to keep the oil confined in the engine by preventing it from escaping into other places.

The gasket is located between the cylinder heads and the valve cover, and it forms a protective seal to keep your cylinders from becoming flooded with oil.

Valve Cover Damage Causes

The major cause of damage to the valve cover is the normal wear that affects various automotive parts after driving them for thousands of miles. The valve covers are usually composed of plastic, and no matter how strong it is, it is sensitive to wear and prone to degradation given enough time. The valve cover expands and contracts in response to temperature variations in the engine. This eventually results in the formation of cracks in the cover.

Furthermore, a poor valve cover gasket seal might jeopardize the valve cover’s functionality. The gasket seal is in charge of keeping in place the valve cover on the cylinder. The cover is made of a reinforced rubber material that degrades easily over time, allowing the valve cover to loosen and leak.

Valve Cover Oil Leak Symptoms

In the case of a valve cover leak, you will observe the following symptoms in your Audi:

  • Burning Smell: A burning smell of oil in the engine compartment is a sign of a leak. This is due to the oil pouring into the very hot sections of the engine.
  • Engine Misfire: Misfiring engine as a result of leaky oil getting into the spark plugs. This inhibits the plug’s ignition performance and makes the engine misfire.
  • Oil Stains: When there is a leak, oil stains would be seen under your vehicle. You might observe small or bigger stains depending on how the oil leaks.
  • Poor Engine Performance: Leaking engine oil will typically have a negative impact on the performance of your engine and could make you have an unpleasant driving experience. As a result, you should try to rectify this immediately.

The Best Way to Deal with Valve Cover Oil Leaks

Valve covers are simply repairable by following a few easy procedures. Visually check for oil leaks in your Audi’s valve cover. However, not everyone is a DIY enthusiast, and some will prefer to allow their mechanic to handle the repairs of their car.

Seeking the assistance of a competent technician will make it simpler to complete the repair effectively without leaving space for future problems caused by improper installation.

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