Mercedes are beautiful, high-end luxury vehicles and are a symbol of success. Mercedes are usually reliable and powerful but over time, they may experience transmission issues. These problems can change the way that your Mercedes performs, causing erratic shifting.

If your Mercedes is shifting erratically, there is a problem with the transmission. The transmission is an essential component that is responsible for the movement of your car. It is made from several gears that work together to shift the gears.

Erratic shifting may cause your Mercedes to jerk during shifting. If you do not have the issue addressed right away, it will get worse. This can cause even more damage.

Causes of Erratic Shifting of an Automatic Transmission

Many different problems can cause erratic shifting in your Mercedes. If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms, have it checked out by a qualified Mercedes mechanic. The issue must be accurately diagnosed, so the proper repairs can be made without causing any additional damage.

Below are some common causes of erratic shifting:

  • Damaged Gears: Everyday wear and tear can wear out the gears. They can also be damaged due to a malfunction. If the gears in the transmission are worn or damaged, they will not be able to link together properly.
  • Worn-Out Clutch: There are clutches in an automatic transmission, just as there are in manual transmissions. The clutch plates are located in the transmission. Over time, they can wear out. Worn-out clutch plates need to be replaced. When replacing the plates, the fluid also needs to be changed.
  • Dirty Transmission Fluid: Transmission fluid is critical for lubricating the components of the transmission. As it ages, it will get dirty and break down. Dirty transmission fluid is unable to flow properly, causing a lack of hydraulic pressure. This can cause the gears to slip, putting the transmission in danger of damage.
  • Transmission Fluid Leak: The transmission fluid must be at the proper level for the transmission to work correctly. When the fluid is low, the transmission is more likely to slip. If you have a transmission fluid leak, do not continue to drive your car. Doing so can damage the transmission.
  • Flawed Transmission Bands: Transmission bands that have worn out or have broken, will cause the transmission to slip. This slippage can cause damage to the engine and gears.

How to Prevent Erratic Shifting in a Mercedes

Regular maintenance is the best way to prevent erratic shifting in your Mercedes. However, there are many things you must do to help prevent damage to your transmission. These include:

  • If you are parking on a hill, use your emergency brake.
  • Do not overload your vehicle.
  • Do not use your Mercedes to tow.
  • Change the transmission fluid and filter
  • Do not overfill the transmission fluid.
  • Check the fluid level often.
  • Do not drive in stop-and-go traffic when possible.
  • Check the quality and consistency of the fluid.
  • Do not drive aggressively.
  • Keep an eye on the transmission temperature.

Transmission Service and Repair in Mountain View

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