It is well established that BMWs are high-performance vehicles with classy comforts. They are known for their power and durability. BMWs also have specific problems with their vehicle models, such as a high-pressure pump failure.

The fuel flow must be at a specified high pressure into the fuel combustion chambers for the engine to work properly. This pressure triggers the sensors that cause the ignition to spark and ignite the gasoline. As a result, the gasoline burns and generates the energy required to get the vehicle moving.

The high-pressure fuel pump failure will drastically reduce your BMW’s performance, and it can also put you in dangerous situations. Regular maintenance is necessary to ensure you don’t end up with such a problem. Let us discuss further the signs you will notice when your BMW’s high-pressure fuel pump fails, the causes, and preventive measures.

The High-Pressure Fuel Pump

The high-pressure fuel pump is the part of the fuel system that supplies fuel from the tank to the engine at the required pressure for combustion. A solenoid controls the volume and pressure within the high-pressure fuel pump. As a result, if the solenoid breaks, the fuel pressure will be unregulated and may cause the pressure pump to fail.

Causes of High-Pressure Fuel Pump Failure

  • Poor Oil Quality: This has been identified as the leading cause of high-pressure pump failure. The types of oil that should be used are usually recommended by the manufacturer based on the model. Using low-quality oil apart from the manufacturer’s recommendation may expose the high-pressure fuel pump to increased friction, causing the parts to wear out faster and eventually fail.
  • Poor Maintenance: Neglecting your BMW’s maintenance may also result in parts of the engine failing, including your high-pressure fuel pump. The best way to keep your BMW in top shape is to take it for regular servicing and maintenance.
  • Failed Solenoid: The solenoid plays an important role in the functioning of the high-pressure pump as it controls pressure regulation. A failed solenoid will impact the pump’s functioning, leaving the pressure unregulated and consequently causing the high-pressure fuel pump to fail.

Symptoms of a Failing High-Pressure Fuel Pump

When your BMW’s high-pressure fuel pump fails, you may experience some of the following symptoms:

  • Loss of Power: A regular sign of a faulty high-pressure fuel pump is that the fuel’s pressure will reduce, and you lose engine power. The engine’s inability to receive fuel at the required pressure is the cause of its loss of power.
  • Poor Fuel Efficiency: When the high-pressure fuel pump fails, you may experience rapid fuel consumption in your BMW, even when traveling the same distances. Due to pressure irregularities, the valve responsible for fuel intake into the engine gives excess fuel than required to the engine for combustion.
  • Engine Misfires: One of the several reasons your BMW may have difficulties starting could be due to a faulty high-pressure fuel pump. If the high-pressure fuel pump becomes faulty, the fuel injectors may not get fuel as rapidly as they should. This will result in a fuel-air imbalance in the engine, which will result in misfires and difficulties starting.
  • Engine Sputtering: Another indicator of a high-pressure fuel pump failure is sputtering and jerks in your BMW when driving, especially at high speeds. The inconsistency of fuel supply causes the sputtering in the combustion chamber. Hence, whenever the fuel pump pressure is low, there will be a loss of power. However, the problem may resolve itself quickly.

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