The timing chain is a crucial component, as it keeps the camshaft and crankshaft connected and synced as they rotate. If you have ever seen a bicycle chain, you will recognize the timing chain. The camshaft, crankshaft, and other mechanical components of the system are powered by several pulleys and gears. For the engine to work effectively, rotational timing is critical. This can only happen if the timing chain rotates smoothly on the gears.

Timing chains, unlike timing belts, are durable but they will not last forever. Noise is one of the first indications you will notice if you have a timing chain problem. The timing chain will emit noise as it travels, which may become unpleasant over time.

Depending on what is causing the noise, replacing the timing chain may be the best remedy. The reason can be with the timing chain itself, but it may be due to another component that connects with it. To get rid of the noise, you need to discover what is causing it and rectify it.

Causes of Timing Chain Noise

A Bad Oil Filter

Oil filters can be found on either the top or side of the engine. The anti-drain-back valve on these filters prevents oil from escaping the filter after the engine has been shut off. However, if this valve fails or malfunctions, the oil flow will be delayed when the engine is restarted. This causes the engine’s lubrication, including the timing chain, to be delayed. You will also hear the sounds of the timing chain struggling.

Wrong Engine Oil

You must not only get your oil changed regularly, but you must also use the correct type of oil in your engine. Check your vehicle’s owner’s manual to learn what oil grade and viscosity your manufacturer recommends. You should also look for oil that contains anti-wear compounds. These can be found in most synthetic oil alternatives.

Even though synthetic oil is more expensive, it is a worthwhile investment in many circumstances because these chemicals help the timing chain last longer. Otherwise, if you use the improper viscosity oil for your engine, the timing chain will wear out faster and generate more noise.

Not Changing Engine Oil

In most cases, oil changes are recommended every 3,000 to 5,000 miles, or at whatever interval your car’s manufacturer advises. Your engine’s components, including the timing chain, require oil for lubrication. The quality of the oil will deteriorate if it is not changed regularly. This means it will not be able to lubricate as well as before. Your timing chain will begin to wear out faster than usual as a result of this.

Wear and Tear

Timing chain noise is most commonly caused by the timing chain simply wearing out. Its capacity to perform correctly will be harmed by all of the wear and tear it has accumulated over the years. Even if you have had frequent oil changes and performed routine maintenance on your engine, problems with your timing chain are still possible. Those activities will only serve to lengthen their lives. However, the timing chain will eventually wear out. The first indicator of this will be noise.

Heavy Load

Additional stress and load on your engine are caused by adding more weight to your car or driving it harder. When you put additional strain on your engine, the timing chain wears out faster. If the timing chain is already in poor condition, the noise will become noticeable much more quickly.

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