Your Mercedes Benz is a top of the line luxury vehicle. So, avoiding any costly repairs or poor workmanship is high on the list of priorities for you. For differential failure, make sure you go to a certified Mercedes Benz specialist at your earliest availability. Differential failure can be not only disappointing and frustrating, but dangerous for you.

The differential in your Mercedes Benz may prematurely break down and malfunction before the service interval, so it is very important to recognize early warning signs of differential failure and schedule an appointment as soon as you notice something is wrong. Treating your Mercedes Benz to repairs and service will keep you driving in style for years to come.

The Function of a Differential

The differential is the main component that uses power from your engine to rotate your wheels. Your differential plays a huge role in the stabilization and consistency of your vehicle. The differential also allows your wheels to rotate at different rates at the same time so that you can maneuver around corners and make turns.

The differential is made up of pinion gears, axle shafts, ring gears and side gears and a flange. All of these different components can corrode, wear, and fail. It is important to be familiar with all these parts and have them serviced at the intervals indicated by the manufacturer or a trusted Mercedes Benz service provider.

Causes of Differential Failure

Wear and tear on the component parts of the differential are the cause of differential failure. The gears can corrode and wear down, getting dirt and contaminants into the differential fluid and accelerating differential degradation by increasing friction. Gear or differential oil leaks can cause gears to grind together, further wearing them down.

Warning Signs of Differential Failure

Noticing early warning signs of differential failure is very important in preventing any damage to yourself or your vehicle. Most early warning signs can be attributed to a number of different car problems, you will want to bring your car in for service right away to get an accurate diagnosis from a professional.

  • Dirty gear oil: If you notice that your gear oil is full of dirt and contaminants, you should bring your car in for service. Dirty gear oil can increase friction on the gears and cause your differential to break down even quicker.
  • Uneven Tire Wear Patterns: A malfunctioning differential may result in your tires not being used efficiently and being unevenly worn due to your differential rotating one side differently from the other.
  • Rough Handling: Your differential keeps your tires rotating smoothly, so it is no surprise that if it is not functioning, you will notice that your car is harder to handle. Because your differential rotates each wheel in different directions when making turns and taking corners, you will notice the rough handling at those times more intensely.
  • Vibrating While Accelerating: Your car may shake when you press on the gas pedal, which is never normal for a Mercedes.
  • Strange Noises: You may hear strange noises coming from your car, like whining, humming, grinding or clunking. Loose or damaged gears in your differential may be making sounds that you will notice coming from your vehicle.

Bavarium Autoworks Repairs Differential Failure

You can prevent differential failure by regularly servicing and maintaining your vehicle and being vigilant about any early warning signs. A Mercedes Differential Repair regular service schedule will keep your Mercedes Benz working in the way you expect from your luxury vehicle.

Educating yourself about early warning signs of differential failure can save you time and money in costly repairs. Any Mercedes Benz owner will tell you that along with owning the number one luxury vehicle on the market comes the responsibility of being vigilant and timely with servicing.

Mercedes Benz drivers in Cupertino, Palo Alto, San Jose, Santa Clara, Saratoga and Mountain View, CA know that Bavarium Autoworks is the premier Mercedes Benz repair shop in your area. We are trained and experienced in German automobiles and our workmanship is always at expert level with each service.

When it comes to your vehicle, we understand that trust and mutual respect are extremely important in choosing an auto service center. Contact us today for a service experience you are guaranteed to be satisfied with.

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