A blocked fuel injector is one issue that may arise in your BMW. When debris and dirt accumulate in your fuel injector, it reduces fuel flow and could hinder the fuel combustion process. This may result in different complications, altering the way BMW’s engine functions.

The fuel injectors in your BMW are an important part of the fuel system. Their primary duty is to supply fuel into your engine for the combustion process. This function is performed precisely to improve the performance of your vehicle.

The injectors shoot a pressurized spray of gasoline into the direct-injection engine, where it reacts with the oxygen to produce combustion. If your BMW fuel injection system isn’t operating properly, it might cause your engine to use fuel reserves inefficiently, causing your engine to perform less than ideally, leading to engine damage, and lowering your fuel economy.

All BMWs are not made alike, depending on the model of your BMW, you may require specialist services for the fuel injectors at varied service intervals. Aside from maintaining the fuel injection system yourself, there are things you could do as a responsible driver to keep your fuel injectors in good working condition.

Reasons for Fuel Injector Clogs

A fuel injector can be blocked for several reasons. This is mostly a result of sediments and hydrocarbons that entered the fuel. Most fuel used contains ethanol, a hygroscopic substance that draws moisture from air to the fuel. The water in the fuel has the potential of corroding some internal components. The rust generated when water is found in fuel can find its way into the fuel injector, this rust then enters the fuel tank when the fuel filter goes bad. That is why both of these components must be examined regularly.

Sediments and debris in storage tanks at older service stations can make their way into the injectors. When the fuel is kept in the tank for an extended period, the injectors might become clogged.

Signs of Failure in a Fuel Injector

One of the symptoms of a failing fuel injector is when you perceive fuel odour in the cabin. This might be as a result of a leak or buildup of pressurized fuel. Another indication could be when you run into starting issues.

How to Clean Fuel Injectors

We have different kinds of additives that you can use to clean and unclog the fuel injector. Although they are not so effective when the clog or blockage is very large. The only effective method to completely remove the blockage is to open the injector. Additives can sometimes worsen the condition.

Additives are good at cleaning everything they come in contact with, which means they may remove the debris but it cannot remove it from the fluid. So, thereafter, the debris that is now in the fuel can cause the blockage to grow, making it more difficult for the fuel to pass through.

Instead of attempting to solve the problem yourself, it is preferable to get help from a professional mechanic. The expert can inspect the fuel injector to figure out what’s wrong and what should be done. Technicians will open the injector to locate the blockage and manually remove it while also clearing out any additional dirt. This will make the fuel injector clean and allow it to function properly.

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