The fuel filtration system is a feature that Mercedes has designed to keep your car running at an optimum level. If you notice your Mercedes is having difficulty accelerating or starting altogether, your fuel tank screen filter might be suspect.

The fuel tank screen filter is a component of the fuel filtration system and located between the fuel tank and the fuel pump. Its purpose is to filter out larger debris and contaminants from fuel held in the fuel tank, and prevent it from entering the fuel line, fuel pump, and engine.

Fuel filters are nothing new. Vehicles typically have one or two fuel filters of some kind to catch impurities like dust and rust from entering the engine. However, Mercedes equipped their vehicles with the screen filter, which is an additional filter to catch large particles that can clog the fuel system.

The screen filter is an essential part of your Mercedes’s filtration system because particle-contaminated fuel can have major impacts on the performance of your vehicle.

Negative Impacts of a Clogged Fuel Tank Screen Filter

Since the fuel tank screen filter is the first line of defense in the fuel tank and particularly designed to catch large debris, it can clog much faster than the other filters. A clogged screen filter will obstruct the flow of fuel to your engine that it needs to power your vehicle, and this can have serious negative impacts on the functions of your car.

  • Weak engine performance: If debris is clogging the screen filter in your Mercedes, the fuel’s pathway will be impeded and it cannot get to the engine at the rate needed for your car to accelerate properly. Poor acceleration can be a sign that the fuel filter is at least partially clogged.
  • Difficulty starting your car: Fuel and air are needed for the combustion process that starts the ignition in your vehicle. If your screen filter is clogged, fuel cannot reach the ignition and the mixture will be too air-heavy to start your car.
  • Engine misfiring: As we know by now, a clogged screen filter can cause low fuel pressure. Low fuel pressure entering the fuel injector can cause a misfire when you try to accelerate your vehicle. This can be especially dangerous if your vehicle misfires while in traffic.
  • Engine stalling: If your Mercedes is stalling often, especially when going up or downhill, this may be a sign of low fuel pressure due to a dirty filter. Stalling will occur more often the dirtier that filter gets.
  • Damaged fuel pump: The fuel pump delivers fuel to your ignition, but if the fuel pressure is too low, the fuel pump is overworked trying to pump the inadequate amount of fuel into the ignition. This straining of the fuel pump can cause permanent damage and warrant a replacement pump, when routine maintenance of the filter could have prevented the issue.
  • Check engine light: If the check engine light is illuminated, it could signal a problem related to the screen filter. Any instance of a check engine light should be diagnosed by a quality auto shop to determine the problem.

Bavarium Autoworks for your Mercedes

A clogged filter, while on its face may seem like a minor issue, can cause very serious damage to your Mercedes vehicle. Mercedes Clogged Fuel Tank Screen Filter Check If you suspect your screen filter is problematic, Bavarium Autoworks has the knowledgeable staff to diagnose the problem and replace your screen filter.

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