Alloy wheels are lightweight and known to provide better performance in comparison to ones made of heavier steel. If your BMW is equipped with factory or even aftermarket alloy wheels, it is important to maintain them so your car can look and perform its best. No car is ever perfectly clean, as the environment constantly throws dirt, debris, grime, and dust at it. However, there are things you can do to minimize this and the buildup of dirt/debris causing damage. Let’s discuss the main maintenance items you should remember for your alloy wheels.

How to Properly Maintain BMW’s Alloy Wheels

Some things you will need for the upkeep of your wheels are microfiber towels, a soft bristle brush or wash mitt, and various types of detailing products including an alloy wheel cleaner, polish, protectant and/or wax. Access to water is also needed. If you do not live in a place with a hose, you can travel to a local car wash and use the hoses there to complete your work.

How to maintain alloy wheels:

  • Clean them: Regularly clean your wheels when you clean the body of your BMW. It is important to not just use the car body’s soap only, but to use a product designed for the wheels in particular. This means spending a few extra minutes when washing your car to ensure the wheels are given proper attention. You can also have someone detail the wheels if you have your car washed by a business. If doing it yourself, be sure to use separate towels/cloths for washing and drying. This prevents any dirt and debris from the washing towel to scratch or damage the wheel during the drying process. Additionally, you avoid the simple frustration of wiping dirt back on your wheels.
  • Pay attention to your brakes: The brake pads generate brake dust as you use them and they wear down, which can cause your wheels to become dirty or even corroded. This is the phenomenon that causes brake rotors to become corroded over time, which seems to almost always happen all too quickly on cars. A way to reduce this is to change your brake pads regularly. This is not to suggest you change them every month, but to be aware of brake pad wear and tear, and have them replaced at regular intervals. Some manufacturers also sell brake pads that claim to produce less dust.
  • Protect them: There are plenty of products to provide a protective layer on your BMW’s alloy wheels. These help the wheels deflect dirt and debris more easily, making them appear cleaner for longer periods between washes, not to mention reducing the possibility of scratching and other damages. This can also shield the wheels from effects of brake dust, as well.

In general, a good rule of thumb is to do a thorough cleaning and protection of your wheels every 3 months or once a quarter. However, this varies based on several things. For example, if you live in a very dusty area, your wheels will need more frequent attention than someone who lives in a cleaner region. Consider the roads you commonly drive on as well, because gravel driveways and the like will kick more debris up onto your wheels more often than smooth pavement.

In summary, regularly wash your wheels with wheel specific cleaner, using alloy wheel friendly materials such as microfiber cloths and soft bristle brushes. At least once every few months you should do a deep clean in which you clean the wheels and use some sort of protectant. Don’t forget to look at the brakes, too! When pads get worn, it pays to replace them not only in terms of safety but by reducing further exposure to brake dust, your alloy wheels will take less abuse!

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