Your windows are a vital safety feature of your Mercedes, preventing debris and other outside objects from entering your car from the sides and injuring you and your passengers. Without a window regulator to hold up and adjust your windows, you risk the chances of injuring yourself and others around you.

The window regulator is an integral part of your Mercedes, so knowing more about it will help you save money and, possibly, lives. We have compiled this information and more into a convenient post for you, so read on to learn the essential facts.

The Importance of Window Regulators

Simply put, a window regulator is an electromechanical device that moves your car’s window up and down. Without one, your window will be stuck in place, possibly either rolled down or stuck in the closed position.

Each door on your car has a window regulator. Regulators can come in two variants: a cable-type and a gear-type. Mercedes vehicles, for example, are fitted with the cable-type. These include a window motor, a cable, a bracket that holds the glass, and a sliding bar for the windowpane.

Unfortunately, window regulators must be replaced entirely if they fail. The good news is that they are generally not too expensive to replace. Your reliable Mercedes service center can do this relatively quickly and affordably.

Signs Your Window Regulator May Be Failing

Window regulators can have a variety of symptoms that can clue you into them being broken or failing. Below are a few of the most common symptoms.

  • You hear clicking noises when you move the window up or down. Noises coming from your window regulator when you press the up or down button could be indicative of a failing motor. Clicking noises can also be due to debris that is stuck inside of the window and the motor.
  • Your window falls inside of the door. If your window cannot stay in place and falls inside your car’s door, this is a sure sign something is wrong with your window regulator. In this case, there’s likely an issue with the sliding bar or the glass holding bracket.
  • Your window is slow or quick to open or close. You may encounter issues with your window opening or closing very slowly or quickly when you press the up or down button. In that case, this could be an issue with your window regulator’s motor not working correctly or having faulty wiring, interrupting the signal of your command.
  • Your window does not fully open or close. Your windows not closing or opening fully is a sign that your window regulator is jamming. If your window is not fully opening or closing, this usually means that the sliding bar is having issues.
  • You have to press multiple times to move the window. This is another issue that is likely due to the motor of the window regulator malfunctioning. While it could be an issue with the switch itself, it is due to the motor in most cases.
  • Your window opens and closes at an angle. A crooked window could mean a problem with your bracket or sliding bar that is at fault. Stop into Bavarium Autoworks for a quick diagnostic check on your window regulator.

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