One of the most common problems that many Mercedes owners never see coming is an aluminum fuse failure. An aluminum fuse failure can have damaging effects on your high-performance Mercedes, leaving you frustrated and open to constant trips to the auto-repair shop near you. For this reason, let’s take a closer look at aluminum fuses and why is it so important for the smooth running of your Mercedes.

Aluminum Fuses and Your Electrical System

Your Mercedes has many technological inputs that are powered by electric current from your car’s battery unit. An aluminum fuse is an electrical component that protects your Mercedes electrical unit from developing faults.

This electrical unit includes the wiring that transfers electric current to different components. When there’s a fault in your aluminum fuse, there will be no current from the car’s battery reaching the electric component. As a result some of the electric functions in your Mercedes will be compromised.

What causes aluminum fuse failure?

The most well-known culprit of aluminum fuse failure is corrosion. Your aluminum fuse is located in close proximity to copper wires in a seemingly design flaw. This is often described as a design flaw because the copper wires further increase the chances of corrosion. Copper oxidizes easily when exposed to air. With the aluminum fuse right next to it, this corrosion can also affect it.

Think about it this way: These two metals interact with each other and conduct electricity. This creates the perfect opportunity for some level of corrosion that is further exacerbated by the availability of moisture from humid air and the changing temperatures in the car as you drive. We all know that metals, moisture from condensation and air create the perfect recipe for corrosion to occur.

The other possible cause of aluminum fuse failure is natural wear and tear. While your Mercedes may have good suspension and shocks that prevent you from feeling the effects of rough driving, this doesn’t mean that there won’t be some negative effects of driving. Rough driving causes a lot of vibrations in the small components of your car. This can cause the components to become loose or even break off, and the delicate aluminum fuse isn’t spared.

Aluminum fuse failure

Because of the many functions in your Mercedes that are powered by electric current, failure of an aluminum fuse will rarely go unnoticed. The first victims of aluminum fuse malfunction are often the accessories, which include the navigation system, radio, windows, doors, automatic locking and the windshield wipers. You can imagine what it would feel like if your wipers suddenly won’t work as you drive in a storm. That’s how bad an aluminum fuse problem can affect your driving experience.

Other than losing the quality of electric functionality, when an aluminum fuse fails completely you may also have trouble switching the lights on and off. The last thing you want to do is to be on a busy highway with no lights. And if that’s not enough, you may also have problems starting your car, since the sparks that ignite the fuel to get you moving are also powered by electric current.

What you should do

Having discussed all these possible effects, it’s important that as soon as you start losing functionality in your car’s accessories, you Mercedes Aluminum Fuse Replacement should seek the help of a certified Mercedes auto-mechanic. Faulty aluminum fuses cannot be repaired, but must instead be replaced.  The aluminum fuse is one of those components in your Mercedes that you should avoid tinkering with no matter how good at DIYs you may be. This seemingly small task can take a long time because of the location of the aluminum fuse, which makes it difficult to access.

A certified Mercedes mechanic will complete the work correctly for you. They’ll also provide the option of a ceramic fuse, which is often recommended for replacement. This ceramic fuse isn’t prone to corrosion and will therefore last longer before you need another change.

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