Wheel alignment in your Mercedes-Benz plays a vital role in ensuring that you enjoy all the comforts that your Benz promises. This is why misaligned wheels can have a damning effect on your driving experience by making your Benz susceptible to further damages that may cost an arm and a leg to fix. Let’s look at what causes misalignment in the wheels and how to get the problem fixed.

How Wheels Become Misaligned

Mercedes-Benz is undeniably one of the most comfortable cars to drive. It is fitted with shocks that ensure that even on the roughest roads, you still get to enjoy the comforts that you would have on a smooth surface. This means that you’ll barely feel the difference in the quality of driving on rough roads, since the shocks will absorb the impact and adjust the amount of air in the suspension for more comfort.

For many Mercedes drivers, the temptation to go over potholes and bumps is usually high, especially since that’s one of the appeals of the car, not having to worry about road conditions. While this may be true, hitting potholes and curbs and sometimes bumps can is the main reason why your wheels become misaligned over time. The impact from having an accident can also cause the wheels in your car to be misaligned.

Because the suspension in your Mercedes is made up of small components, natural wear and tear can also cause wheel misalignment. These moving parts are exposed to more wear as the springs in your car’s suspension adjust to your driving conditions.

Signs of Wheel Misalignment

All the wheels in your Mercedes are supposed to move in sync, so when you have an alignment problem, you’ll notice a few changes while driving. Some of these changes include an uneven wear in your tires. You’ll notice that your tires may need more frequent replacement than normal.

You may also notice a difficulty in returning your car’s steering wheel to center after a turn. The car may also lean towards one side if you remove your hands from the steering wheel for a few seconds.

Another sign of a misalignment problem is squealing tires. This is as a result of excessive pressure from the tires trying to overcompensate for the alignment problem.

You may also notice an unusual vibration in the steering wheel. Wheel misalignment will have negative effects including poor fuel economy. This is because the engine will burn more fuel in an attempt to cater to the misaligned wheels that pull in different directions.

Why You Should Get Your Misaligned Wheels Fixed

One of the benefits of getting your Mercedes wheel aligned is improved fuel efficiency. With your engine no longer overworking to compensate for the wheels pulling in different directions, you’ll be able to reduce your trips to the gas station for top up, eventually saving more money.

You will also get an improved driving experience when the wheels in your car are in perfect sync again since you won’t have to keep adjusting the steering wheel because the car drifted to one side even when the steering wheel was facing straight ahead.

Aligning your wheels will also improve the longevity of your wheels. Tires can be expensive, and having to replace them often is no way to live. So, having your wheels aligned always will ensure you put more money into your pocket instead of in wheel replacement.

In addition, you will also save more money that would have been spent on repairs resulting from alignment problems. This is because when your wheels are misaligned, other vehicle components such as the suspension unit are left open to faster wear, necessitating more repairs and replacements.

Bavarium Autoworks for Your Mercedes

Being a luxury European Brand, a Mercedes-Benz Mercedes Wheel Alignment requires specialized care from certified auto mechanics. This is why you should not leave your wheel alignment to not just anyone. A certified mechanic will easily diagnose your alignment problem and fix it using the latest equipment.

Bavarium Autoworks has provided regular servicing and repairs to Mercedes owners in Cupertino, Palo Alto, San Jose, Santa Clara, Saratoga, and Mountain View, CA. Our team of experienced technicians use the latest equipment and technology to ensure that your Mercedes stays in tip-top shape without the higher maintenance costs. Give us a call today, and we will help you solve your alignment issues quickly and affordably.

* Mercedes-Benz R 350 image credit goes to: Oksana Kuznetsova.

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