The length of time that it’s safe to drive your Audi with the check engine light depends on several factors. It’s up to you to troubleshoot what’s happening or what happened before the light came on in order to determine how much longer you can drive.

For some issues like a loosened gas cap, you can continue on your journey without worry. However, your check engine light is frequently your first indication that something more serious is going on and you need to schedule a service appointment with a professional technician as soon as possible.

What does the check engine light mean?

Your Audi is manufactured with all different indicator lights, and they are in there for a reason. You can’t always tell what’s going on under the hood or in other car areas that can’t be seen from inside. Over time, different sensors have been installed in vehicles to warn you that there’s something wrong.

Arguably, the engine is the most essential piece of equipment in your car. If something is wrong with the motor, eventually, your vehicle will stop running. The longer you wait to have someone look at why the warning light is illuminated on your dashboard, the more extensive the damages can get.

Significant repairs are a lot more expensive than minor ones. Your best option is to have someone reputable and knowledgeable with the Audi brand inspect your car soon.

Recent Activities Resulting in a Check Engine Light Illumination

When you’re driving down the road, and the check engine light comes on, your heart sinks as you start to wonder what’s occurring. Some of the reasons are emergencies, while others you don’t have to panic about. Knowing the difference will help you stay calm and judge how quickly you need to get it into a shop.

  • Did you just get gas? Some vehicles have a sensor in the gas cap. If you recently pumped fuel and the check engine light came on, chances are it’s loose. Stop and try retightening it to see if that solves the problem.
  • Where there any weird sounds? Did you hear any screeching, banging, or squeaking right before the light came on? That could be a more serious issue, and you need to call an auto repair shop right away. Pull your Audi over before you make the call. The technician you speak to can often walk you through troubleshooting procedures and give you a better idea of when you need to take it in.
  • Is your Audi jumping or jolting around? If your vehicle is acting oddly in physical movements, it could be a sensor in the spark plug. It could also be something much more crucial that requires immediate attention. Don’t drive anymore if this is the case. Shut it off and call a tow truck. These unusual movements can make it unsafe and uncomfortable to go any further.

Know Your Check Engine Light

Does your check engine light offer varying indications on the level of the issue? For some vehicles, your check engine light may be equipped to turn different colors depending on how serious the problem. For instance, a yellow check engine light isn’t as dangerous as a red one. If you’re not sure, call your trusted Audi repair shop and find out.

Is your light solid or is it flashing? Many vehicles will flash for dangerous problems like engine misfires or overheating issues. This can lead to damages that can’t be fixed, so you should shut it off right away. Don’t drive any further. If it’s not flashing, the problem might not be as critical, and you can potentially make it home before reaching out to a mechanic.

In any case, read your owner’s manual. If there aren’t any specifics, call a professional first before driving anymore.

Call Bavarium Autoworks When Your Check Engine Light Comes On

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