The crankshaft position sensor is a part of all modern vehicles, including your Mercedes, that monitors both the rotational speed and the position of your crankshaft. This information is then sent to the engine control unit, as it is crucial for adjusting the operating conditions of the vehicle.

Common Signs of Crankshaft Position Sensor Failure

An engine will not run properly if your crankshaft position sensor is failing or beginning to fail. There are a few symptoms you’ll be able to notice as your crankshaft position sensor is malfunctioning.

Your Mercedes won’t start properly

If your vehicle is having problems starting, it could be due to your crankshaft position sensor. The crankshaft position sensor keeps track of the position of both your crankshaft and other essential components for starting your engine. It sends this information to the engine control unit. So, if it is malfunctioning, it’s possible that your engine will have some trouble starting. This could take the form of intermittent problems turning over, slow starts, or a no-start condition.

Your Mercedes stalls while driving

Another sign that your crankshaft position sensor could be having some issues is if the vehicle stalls out while you’re driving. This can be due to a problem with the crankshaft position sensor’s wiring or the sensor itself. It could cause the signal sent to the engine control unit to be cut off while you’re driving. This will cause the engine to stall out. In most cases, this is a problem with the wiring. However, if the crankshaft position sensor itself is bad or faulty, this can occur as well.

The engine causes your Mercedes to vibrate

It’s normal for some vibration to come from beneath the hood after your car has started or while you’re driving. However, if you feel a significant increase in how frequently you feel these vibrations or how intense the vibrations feel, there could be a problem with your crankshaft position sensor. This is because it is unable to communicate with the engine control unit and tell the engine it is using too much power. This vibration also comes with a significant drop in power and fuel economy, so it is important to get this fixed as soon as possible.

Your Mercedes check engine light illuminates

If your car’s check engine light comes on, it could be for a multitude of reasons. If the car’s computer detects a problem with the crankshaft position sensor, or notices a lack of signal being sent from the sensor to the engine control unit, it will turn the check engine light on. Again, the check engine light can be turned on for many reasons, such as a loose gas cap, so be sure to try and diagnose your vehicle for any other symptoms. Take it to a certified Mercedes mechanic to inspect and diagnose your check engine light to ensure a larger, more expensive problem isn’t lurking in the engine.

Bavarium Autoworks Will Help

The crankshaft position sensor is a crucial component of what makes your engine run smoothly. It is a lesser known component of the engine, Mercedes Crankshaft Position Sensor Check so you may not think of it as the root cause of some of your car’s problems at first. However, it is important to make sure the crankshaft position sensor in your Mercedes is not malfunctioning or broken in anyway. This will be a factor in helping keep your engine from stalling, failing to start, or losing power as you drive.

If you own a Mercedes that you suspect of having a problem with its crankshaft position sensor, we are eager to help resolve this problem for you quickly and professionally.

If you live near the communities of Cupertino, Palo Alto, San Jose, Santa Clara, Saratoga, or Mountain View CA, bring your vehicle in to us at Bavarium Autoworks for an inspection. We’ll be sure to diagnose the issues with your Mercedes, repair or replace the crankshaft position sensor, and make sure the rest of your vehicle is running smoothly. We will get you back on the road with confidence in your Mercedes. We look forward to earning your trust for all your future Mercedes service and maintenance needs.

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