BMW vehicles were designed with performance and style in mind. BMWs give their drivers extreme comfort on the inside and a sleek body on the outside. The manufacturer aims to ensure that drivers of their vehicles use and appreciate their technology and features while remaining reliable and user-friendly.

One such system that drivers automatically rely on is the HVAC unit. You expect that the heat and cooling systems will always work and always be available on demand. Unfortunately, there may come a time where the HVAC blower in your BMW fails. This will leave you sweating uncontrollably during the summertime and freezing in the wintertime. Continue reading to find out the function of the HVAC and the HVAC blower, what signs to look for if it has failed, and where to go to fix it.

The Function of the HVAC

The term HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning. Just by the name, you know that the HVAC system does more than cool your BMW. It also efficiently heats your vehicle by using the heat that radiates from the engine.

The HVAC system is composed of a blower unit, a compressor, and ancillaries. This system employs multiple technologies to heat and cool the cabin of the vehicle. The HVAC system uses a heater and the heat from the hot water in the engine’s cooling system to warm up the air when you turn the thermostat in that direction. When you turn the knob to cool, the HVAC uses an evaporator to cool the hot air.

In addition to adjusting the temperature when you tell it to, the HVAC system is also responsible for defogging the windows and dehumidifying the cabin of your BMW.

The HVAC blower or blower motor plays a crucial role in the overall function of the entire system. The HVAC blower motor is part of the blower unit and is responsible for pushing the air through the vents of the air conditioner and heating systems. Without a properly functioning blower motor, these systems will not have circulating air to cool or heat.

Signs of Blower Failure

To ensure that your comfort and the comfort of your passengers is maintained, you need to be aware of the signs that indicate a failing HVAC blower motor in your BMW.

The first sign is weak airflow coming through the vents. When it is a hot summer day and you crank the air conditioning up but little air is flowing out of the vents, then you know there is an issue with the blower motor. There will still be cool airflow, but it will not be enough to adequately keep the cabin at the temperature you are requesting.

The next sign to look out for is the fan only blowing at certain speeds. To maintain the wider variety of cabin temperatures that can be requested, the HVAC blower motor operates the fan at different speeds. When the blower motor has failed, only a select few speeds work to push the air throughout the cabin. This sign is noticeable because the temperature of your BMW will be different than your desired setting.

One last sign to be aware of is no air coming from the vents at all. This is true for when you turn the knob to hot or cold. When the HVAC system does not produce air from the vents, then you know that the blower has completely failed. The blower motor could have burned out or short-circuited. If this is what you are experiencing, then the blower motor will need to be completely replaced to get the system functioning properly again.

Fixing HVAC Blower Failure in BMW

No matter what climate you live in, the HVAC system and its components, such as the blower motor, are important in maintaining your comfort BMW AC System Cleaning level as you drive. This is why when you notice any of the above-mentioned signs or if the airflow is different than usual, it is time to bring your BMW into us at Bavarium Autoworks.

We are easily accessible from the areas of Cupertino, Palo Alto, San Jose, Santa Clara, Saratoga, and Mountain View, CA. When you come to us, one of our trained and certified mechanics will use the latest diagnostic tools to determine the exact cause of the faulty airflow in your BMW. More times than not, the airflow issues will be due to a failed HVAC blower. Once identified, high-quality and manufacturer-approved parts will be used to replace the motor.

You will be back on the road with a fully functioning HVAC system so quickly and efficiently that you will be glad you brought your BMW into us. Call us today to make a convenient appointment.

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