Mercedes-Benz models are dependable, high-quality cars. Even though they have a reputation for being reliable, a common issue is gear selector failure. The gear selector is the shifter that allows you to change between gears. It is attached to the shifter cable, which is connected to the shifter assembly located on the transmission.

The gear selector often sits to the right of the driver, between the front seats. The gear selector includes park, reverse, neutral, drive, and others. The gear selector receives a lot of use every time you switch gears, and due to this constant use, the shifter cable can stretch and break.

Symptoms of a Failing Gear Selector

The gear selector plays an important role in your Mercedes. When it begins to fail, there are some obvious symptoms that you may begin to notice. We’ve listed the most common signs below:

Grinding and clicking noises

When changing gears, you may hear grinding noises. These sounds happen due to failing components. These parts often fail from lack of lubrication. When fluid levels are low, the parts rub against each other, causing friction and premature failure.

Difficulty changing gears

Shifting should happen smoothly. When the gear selector is failing, your Mercedes may experience jerking when the engine changes gears. You may also experience delays because the gears are not engaging immediately.

Won’t go into gear

If the shift selector cable breaks or get too stretched, you will not be able to get your Mercedes into gear.

Car won’t turn off

In most vehicles your car must be in park to turn off. If the selector cable is stretched, it may not be going into park. When this happens, you will not be able to turn your key to remove it.

Leaking transmission fluid

Any type of leak under your car should be addressed quickly. If the fluid under your Mercedes is red, it is probably transmission fluid. Your transmission fluid level is critical to multiple components in your car. Leaking fluid will cause component failures and can lead to catastrophic damage and costly repairs.

Indicator isn’t showing correct gear

When the shift selector cable gets stretched, the indicator may indicate the wrong gear. This means you may have to select neutral to reverse, or maybe park to drive.

Common Causes Gear Selector Failure

The most common reasons for gear selector failure are everyday wear and tear. Over time, the gear selector components can fail and the shift selector cable can stretch. Shifting hard can also cause premature wear.

Transmission fluid is needed to lubricate parts, reduce wear and tear, and cool the transmission. A fluid leak can lead to component damage. Transmission fluid also needs to be changed regularly because it can break down and lose its viscosity. It will not be able to properly lubricate the components or cool the transmission as designed.

A failing transmission pump can also cause gear selector failure. When the pump fails, it will not be able to pump the fluid properly. Also, if your transmission is failing, you can experience issues with your gear selector. Do not change gears in an automatic transmission while the car is in motion. Always stop your vehicle completely before changing gears, for example, from reverse to drive.

Preventing Gear Selector Issues

It is important that you stay current on your regular maintenance schedule. This will help you avoid preventable problems. Regular maintenance can keep your car running smoothly and help stay on top of gear selector issues.

Many car owners only bring their vehicle in when there is a problem. They feel as though preventative maintenance is a waste of money. However, if car owners stay current on their maintenance schedule, they may prevent huge repair bills. The money that they would have spent on maintenance would have been much less.

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