Ever run into a mechanical issue or technical inconvenience in your Mercedes Benz and begin to ask yourself, “Do I have to go all the way to the dealership again?”

When tasked with getting your car repaired by a professional, you typically have two options: visit your area’s Mercedes dealership or visit an independent repair shop. While dealerships have the Mercedes name and will most times provide quality repair work, there is little else they claim over local independent repair shops.

Price, consumer satisfaction, quality of repair and personal connections formed with the staff of independent repair shops are just a few of the reasons to choose independent repair shops for your luxury vehicle.

They Are More Affordable

Services from a dealership can quickly add up when it comes time to pay. For something as simple as an oil change, you may find yourself paying far more than you should when visiting a Mercedes dealership.

Independent repair shops are far more affordable, and a high-quality garage will offer payment plans for their customers.

The trick is to find a good repair shop you can trust, like Bavarium Autoworks, where prices are lower and you also don’t have to compromise on the quality of your car’s repair and maintenance.

Consumers Are More Satisfied

Numbers don’t lie. And in this case, the numbers will point you to a local independent repair shop for repairs on your automobile.

A 2015 survey by Consumer Reports found that most consumers are more satisfied when they take their car to an independent repair shop rather than a dealership. Across the board, the numbers favored these shops, particularly for drivers of Mercedes Benz (that’s you!).

Independent shops time and time again outscored their dealership peers in overall satisfaction, price, quality, courteousness of the staff and work being completed. And if you’re someone who doesn’t like to waste their money, then award another point to repair shops, as the study found Mercedes drivers were exceptionally upset with the price they had to pay at the dealership.

You Don’t Have to Settle on Quality

Dealerships will typically do a good job on their repairs as they follow by-the-book directions from the manufacturer. However, that doesn’t mean that no else can do as well, if not better, than a dealership can.

Repair shops with experienced, talented staff technicians can complete the repairs and maintenance for your vehicle as well as a dealership, and as seen above, for a far lower price.

Just because it comes from the dealership doesn’t mean it’s the best!

They Care About You and Your Mercedes

Inside the bleak walls of a dealership, you probably won’t be able to speak to the mechanic working on your vehicle, creating little to no space for personal connection.

At a repair shop, you’ll be able to speak face-to-face with the person working on your vehicle. There’s more time to be spent with customers, and we purposefully built it into our business so that everyone who visits our garage knows that we value their patronage.

In fact, when you visit a local repair shop for service on your car, the people working there probably live in your town, whereas you may have to drive over an hour to a dealership where you likely won’t see any familiar faces. The personal connections are the name of the game for independent repair shops.

Bavarium Autoworks is the Perfect Alternative to the Dealership

We’ve just talked about a few reasons to choose independent repair shops, and now you may want to go looking for the right place for your car—well, Mercedes Oil Change look no further than Bavarium Autoworks.

Those of us at Bavarium Autoworks know what quality service and personal connection means to our customers, and we make sure that we never let them down for each and every visit. We are proudly the number one shop for Mountainview, California, but our customers come from other nearby communities as well.

Drivers from Cupertino, Palo Alto, San Jose, Santa Clara, Saratoga as well as Mountain View are all just a short drive from our convenient location. Our friendly staff and excellent technicians make sure that everyone who comes by is not only a lifelong customer, but lifelong friend.

Call us or visit between 7:30 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday – Friday.

* Mercedes Car image credit goes to: kurmyshov.

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