The catalytic converter is an important part of what makes Audi vehicles so highly desirable. Unfortunately, Audis commonly experience premature catalytic converter failure. If this issue is not addressed and resolved as soon as possible, the resulting damage to the environment and your car will require extensive repairs.

Catalytic converter failure is oftentimes due to a preexisting issue in your Audi’s engine. This complex problem should be diagnosed and repaired by experienced and qualified mechanics.

In this article, we are going to break down why catalytic converters fail prematurely, the symptoms of failure, and where you can have a failing converter replaced without the hassle and frustration you may be used to.

Function of a Catalytic Converter in Audi

The job of the catalytic converter is to clean the gases that are expelled through the exhaust system in your Audi. These converters detoxify that gas and reduce air pollution. Properly-functioning converters are better for the environment and for human health.

When the catalytic converter fails, you will become aware of several changes in your driving experience. Read on for more details.

Symptoms of a Failing Catalytic Converter

The aforementioned manifestations of catalytic converter failure include a range of smells, sounds, and performance issues that should be noted and put into a plan of action for repairs. For example, you may notice the smell of sulfur (similar to rotten eggs) while driving, as unburnt fuel exits the tailpipe. This is a rather obvious sign that your converter is malfunctioning.

A blocked exhaust system may cause your Audi to lose some degree of power in the engine, negatively affecting your driving performance.

A broken converter will cause a rattling noise to be heard while driving, as parts loosen.

Failure of the catalytic converter will cause your Audi to fail the emissions tests that many states require. When this happens, you may not be cleared to drive until the converter is replaced and you can pass the emissions test again.

Reasons Behind Catalytic Converter Failure

If your Audi’s catalytic converter is failing, there are several reasons why. The converter generally does not break on its own. It is often the result of pre-existing issues that should not be overlooked, as these problems can cause significant damage to several parts of your vehicle:

  • engine overheating
  • corroded spark plugs
  • oil, coolant, or fuel leaks
  • bad ignition coils and bad ignition timing
  • intake manifold air leaks
  • broken valves

Each issue can result in serious damage, especially when the engine overheats. Excessive heat wears down multiple parts of your Audi, unsealing rubber valves, cracking plastic tanks, corroding metal parts, etc. It is crucial that you resolve the issue before your car breaks down entirely and ends up costing you more money in the long run, rather than getting the issue fixed right away.

Catalytic Converter Replacement in Mountain View

Malfunctioning or failing catalytic converters Audi Catalytic Converter Inspection have to be replaced. Any patchwork is a temporary fix, and you will continue to experience issues if this part is neglected. What you need is a team of experienced and qualified European automotive specialists to replace the catalytic converter and resolve engine issues before the problem gets out of hand and repairs become exorbitantly expensive.

Audi owners in Mountain View and the following areas of California can expect high quality service from the team of technicians located at Bavarium Autoworks: Cupertino, Palo Alto, San Jose, Santa Clara, and Saratoga.

You rely on your Audi to get you where you need to go quickly and without a dip in performance. Your standards are rightfully high, and our team’s mission is to maintain and live up to those expectations. To guarantee your satisfaction on all repairs and maintenance, Bavarium Autoworks provides:

  • ASE certified mechanics
  • BMW factory training for our staff
  • factory-grade tools and equipment
  • high-performance install and software
  • shuttle car service
  • loaner cars
  • pick-up and drop-off service

When you entrust the European auto experts at Bavarium, you can expect dealership-quality service without the long wait times or high price tags that they often entail. If you would like to make an appointment with the most trusted mechanics in Mountain View, please visit our shop or call us today at 650-962-9401. We look forward to working with you in the future.

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