When it comes to reliable vehicles such as MINI, every owner has to make sure their vehicle is at peak performance. Something as serious as automatic transmission failure is nothing to play around with and needs to be fixed immediately.

As you drive down the road, the automatic transmission is responsible for shifting the gears of your vehicle which directly impacts performance. When this was put into widespread use on vehicles, manual transmissions went out of style as they replaced the function.

Automatic transmission failure can have drastic complications and is impossible to miss. If you suspect this is occurring in your MINI, take the vehicle to a professional right away.

How to Know if You Have Automatic Transmission Failure

Naturally, your vehicle having an issue switching gears is a problem, but it is an extremely extensive problem. It is important to identify the problem as early as possible to ensure you do not drive your MINI with a failed transmission.

This can lead to long term consequences for the gears of the vehicle and permanently impacted performance. Furthermore, the safety and reliability you love will be compromised. If you see any of the common signs listed below, take your car in.

Rough Ride

Feeling potholes in the road is one thing, but feeling a jerky movement when driving the car is another. This can occur if the transmission is having trouble staying in a single gear. The byproduct is your vehicle cannot stay in gear so it switches rapidly; resulting in a jerky feeling.

Delay in Shifting

Putting your car from park to drive should be an instantaneous event. There should be no delay from the time it is in drive to when you start rolling forward (if your foot wasn’t on the brake). Any delay move be indicative of a failed transmission.

Leaking Transmission Fluid

If you see mysterious liquid dripping from under the car, it should always send alarm bells off in your head. Any substance seen leaking from under the hood is reason to take the vehicle in. If you have any of the other issues in conjunction with this, your leak may be transmission fluid.

Transmission Slipping

If your gear shifter appears too loose or the car appears to shift gears completely by itself, you may be experiencing transmission slipping. This problem may result in permanent injury, so pull your vehicle over right away if it appears you are having this problem.

Automatic transmission failure is a serious issue that should not be taken lightly. Gear shifting is integral to the performance of any car, let alone one as reliable as a MINI. If issues arise with your vehicle, take it in for the maintenance it deserves.

Where to Take Your MINI in Mountain View

When looking at where to get your vehicle serviced, you have to look at standard and non standard shops. The former of the two just don’t have the experience or tools necessary to work on European brand cars.

Fortunately, specialized shops have certain tools on hand that can make servicing your car a breeze. You need a high quality service but also personable technicians who are willing to communicate with you about the problem. Here in Mountain View, Bavarium Autowerks provides both those things.

How Bavarium Autoworks Will Help

At Bavarium Autowerks, we understand how special your European car is. Our specialized work is centered around restoring the performance MINI Automatic Transmission Failure Fix and reliability you love. We have been serving clients in the Cupertino, Palo Alto, San Jose, Santa Clara, Saratoga, and Mountain View CA areas for years.

Our highly skilled technicians are qualified to ensure the long life of your vehicle. We guarantee we have the expertise required to fix your vehicle as we have experience servicing six different European brands.

Feel free to give us a call today to schedule an appointment. Alternatively, our doors are always open so come on down and give us a visit to see why we are the best. We here at Bavarium Autowerks are very excited to build a relationship with your and earn your trust as the top auto shop for European cars.

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