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The name ‘Porsche’ alone summons images of supreme luxury and elegance. Combined with an incredibly smooth driving experience and gorgeous designs, it really is no surprise that for many, the Porsche is synonymous with top-tier motoring.

It is essential to understand that a luxury car demands respect and care from its driver. Without regular care and maintenance, parts will begin to fail. The overall appearance and drivability of your Porsche will decline. It is the responsibility of any luxury car owner to know some of the signs and symptoms of imminent failure. In this article, we will look at the symptoms of ignition lock failure in your Porsche.

What is an ignition lock?

An ignition lock, also commonly referred to as the ignition lock tumbler or ignition lock cylinder is an integral system for both powering on and starting your Porsche. The ignition lock is made of two parts, the tumbler and the key assembly. When these two parts are in working order, when a key is turned in the lock, they signal to the vehicle to power on the vehicle and/or start the ignition process. Put simply, without this signal, even if the car’s engine is in complete working order, it simply won’t start.

Signs and Symptoms of Ignition Lock Failure

There are several symptoms of ignition lock failure, and if you begin to notice these, it is highly advised you schedule an appointment with a trusted mechanic to prevent this issue from progressing.

1. Issues Powering On

An early sign of ignition lock failure is troubles when trying to power on your Porsche. Every time you turn your key in the lock, the ignition lock tumbler is set to work, and with time and use will start to become worn. You may start to notice that certain positions of your key no longer work, such as powering on functions other than the engine, (i.e., radio, electric windows). It is important not to ignore this issue, which may only seem like a quirky annoyance. It won’t get better, and eventually, you may discover you are no longer able to start your Porsche up at all.

2. No Ignition

This symptom of ignition lock failure can occur in conjunction with the previous entry above if a driver delays needed repairs. Lack of ignition signals total failure with the ignition lock tumbler system. This means your car is going nowhere fast. This can be a worrying symptom for drivers and can cause them to take all manner of DIY approaches under the hood to try to find the source of the problem. However, this can result in further damage and potential injury. So please, if your car won’t start, seek professional help with a trusted Porsche mechanic.

Tip: An early warning sign that this type of failure may be imminent occurs when your car still starts, but takes several tries turning the key in the lock.

3. Sticky Key

A key that doesn’t insert and remove smoothly is another sign that your Porsche ignition lock may be beginning fail. First, check your key. Does it seem damaged? Are there scratches or gouges or signs of it bending? If this appears the case, then you should get your key replaced as soon as possible. A bent or malformed key can damage or misalign your ignition lock tumbler, causing an even more costly set of repairs.

If your key seems in good condition, this will usually indicate that small fragments of metal from the key and rough insertion of it have been left behind in in the tumbler. If this is the case, you’ll need to have the tumbler serviced by a professional.

Porsche Ignition Lock Check

Ignition Lock Failure

Unless you have sound mechanical knowledge, it really isn’t worth the running the risk of trying to repair the ignition lock yourself, as it is highly likely you’ll end up causing more harm than good. Therefore, finding a skilled technician is essential.

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